5KCBWDAY5 - Something a Bit Different

(I'll write more about the wip in the video after 5KCBW :D)

This video was a real eye opener. After spending minutes (more like a half-hour) looking at the #howiknit tag, I'd use words like shaky and fumbly to describe the way I make my stuff. Everyone's work is so steady and orderly! So patient and..and ladylike! What the HECK

Also I think it's safe to admit why my wrists are in such bad shape(the pain gets so bad sometimes that it's hard to stay asleep, crap.)  Pretty positive what's really got that going turbo is how and how often I knit. Oops. I really should consider taking a break from drawing/knitting for a while, or at least take it easy and remember to take frequent stretching breaks.

The good news is that Monica of Sweetpurls and I are thinking about learning continental together with maybe a relaxed KAL! Some practice learning a less taxing technique like continental sounds like a great idea. If it doesn't work I'll just find some braces and find a new hobby that doesn't leave my wrists sounding like a popcorn bag in a microwave and check back in rav in a few weeks. Yeah, I know. Weeks?! Impossible.

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