Here's to November/December

These past two months were a real workout for the mind and body. I dove straight into selling at craft shows and collected a lot of knowledge and great experience from those days. My personal mantra this time around was to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, and only great things have come from playing the part of a braver version of me whenever I had to encounter something scary and new.

I conquered the less extroverted part of me and went with my best friend to see Infected Mushroom in Hollywood—that night was a great way to say goodbye to my home state of California to live in England for the next 6 months [more on that later!]
See you guys in 2014!

good riddance, august and september

These two months were a whirlwind and I'm pretty sure the rest of the year will continue to be. August and September were months of exploration, rewards, fuck-ups and adventure. I think thanks to these experiences I will be better equipped for handling whatever the future's got in store for me.
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june and july

June and July just flew right by me. It's been a good summer so far, spent these last few months conquering my fears and rethinking things I previously thought were difficult. I think August and September will be a hell of a ride.

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thanks, april

Things turned out better than expected this April. My plate was full most of the time, my days and nights long, but in many ways that effort paid off. Hopefully you've helped me prepare for the month ahead, I know May's gonna be a real doozy.
Hikes, cotton knits, long hot drives down the freeway, and a whole lot of sketching and R&R is in order.

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goodbye february

This became a very honest and introspective month. You sucked, but thanks anyway, February.

It's been difficult to keep this blog updated, mostly because it's been difficult to put a lot of things into words. 
I've been knitting up some pieces with stash yarn for no specific event coming up this year. It's sort of a vague goal but I really want to sell locally at something like a farmer's market. The face-to-face might be a really great experience for me and my little shop. 
Next to that, just designing and knitting prototypes from sketches. 
Oh, and mountains of coursework from school. Oops.

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