wip: slide & perfect fit short socks

After completing the Garden TAATs, I made it my mission this Socktober to cast-on two projects: an ankle sock scrapbusting project series, and a more involved sock project from my queue.


I've made it an idle goal for a long time to own only hand made socks a long time ago (with the exception of Muji's adorable recycled yarn ones), but it hurt my soul to go running or working out with precious merino cabled ones. The solution presented itself the moment I took a detailed inventory of my Ravelry stash. Working on these toe-ups with the help of ArtDesign1's pattern, I intend to find a straightforward and fun method that will comfortably fit. I've enjoyed the nostalgia of knitting up yarns from past projects, and am excited to see how they clash together (though my current one looks pretty deliberate in color scheme).

As for the second list item, I went for Slide by Cookie A. Those socks look absolutely gorgeous and will definitely give this product knitter something to chew on and learn some patience. With these cooling(?!) southern California months, I've really been chomping on the bit for more wool and more FOs, so here's to slowing down and taking it one stitch at a time.

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wips: lassie and GD + stash addition

The Lass socks are still happening. I thiiink I might not be much of a lace person right now, as I'm a little too nonchalant to make sure the pattern's made as intended. It's just too comforting a think to know that the sock will still be perfectly wearable, even if a yarn-over is off by a couple stitches, or some diamonds don't line up perfectly.

Blanket update! GD's been growing quite a bit! They're at 30cm now (about 12in). I've run out of worsted yarn, so the smaller quantities of fingering weight have been held double for some of the more recent stripes. I've been making a lot of works for shop for the sole purpose of using the leftover yarn in the blanket, so many things are in stock and ready to ship when ordered!

If you have any yarn scraps (anywhere between 1-25m) sitting around your home that you want to get rid of, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’d be happy to repay the cost of postage to you as thanks. At the rate I’m knitting regular projects with my tiny stash, this blanket might not be done for another...decade, so I’d love to help take care of your yarn stash too! Acrylics are preferred but I won’t say no to animal fibers or wool-blends. GD’s already a healthy mix of both so I won’t mind at all. Just no cotton please!
Speaking of stash yarn, I went out and bought a pair of skeins for my first shawl pattern. I’ve been thinking a lot about which yarn to use for a shawl I intend to wear often, and while the fine wools at our LYS’s would be a joy to knit, dryer-ability would have to be the key for me. Heartland seemed like the best bet for now. I’m planning to use the Stingray pattern by Evan Plevinski. This pattern's been sitting in my queue for months now and am excited to start on this once Lassie’s finished (let’s just disregard the existence of my Regia Handpainted sock for now…I'm still trying to forgive its frustrating splitty yarn after all this time).
So this concludes my personal knitting update for now. It has really been one hell of a stashbusting month for me. I’ve been piling up some charity knits from the more obnoxious looking yarns people have been donating to me over time, expect a update about those once I’ve successfully eliminated that stash.

yarn-along vii

On the needles: A finally-finished semi-secret gift sock project! (just too excited not to share a too-close hard to read photo of!)

Also still reading Game of Thrones! Not much to report on that, just really enjoying every Tyrion and Arya chapter as it comes. Having this book in digital form makes this book a lot less intimidating to read I find, and a hell of a lot easier to carry around to read in line at the post office. I also found a paperback version of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let me Go at a trunk sale, can't wait to give that book a shot soon. All I've heard of it is that it's ridiculously tragic and beautiful and takes place in some orphanage somewhere, so I miiight have to prepare mentally for it first.

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yarn-along v

On the reading front: I finished Franz Molnar's Prisoners last week. It was a little slow at first but wasn't hard by the midpoint to get hooked! I'd like to believe that a bit might be lost in the translation from its original written language, but even then the imagery is beautiful. When I have to put down the book for a bit to sigh and say ..wow, you know it's a good sign.
Hagakure's made quite a few appearances over the last couple of yarn-along posts, and it's for that same reason. That little book's full of really deep words and passages. It would be unfair to not sit and ponder what's been said every few pages, and that's why this little book is still in the currently-reading pile by my bed.
Lord of the Rings is a slightly different story. I'm looking at at least a thousand pages of book to get through, and the size of the thing makes it a home-only type of reading deal. Because it's the kind of story that requires that I set at least an hour aside to focus on it, this book hasn't had very much attention from me.

As for knitting, I'm about 65% done with my Hermione's Everyday Socks! Might have said this before but I'd love to work this project once more in the future with a more solid colored yarn. This self striping yarn looks really lovely in this pattern, but the texture looks like it needs a chance to hog the spotlight in a pair of its own.
I'm also working on a number of lovely knit pieces for Bapsicrafts--my hope is to build enough stock to  take part in a craft show or farmer's market, which will take a real while to do!

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yarn-along iv

It's Wednesday again!
A few Wednesdays have passed without a post...but I'll just go ahead and forgive myself for that, hopefully you will too. Not a lot was happening on the personal knitting/reading front and I've been eager to use the lull right after midterms to burn through a small book or two and cast on something for me for once.

Coraline was finally finished [a cute book!], Hagakure and the Lord of the Rings are still on the backburner. I read through a pair of Leo Babauta books [a good pick me up for productivity/motivation help].

Today I'm about to start reading a gifted book from my boyfriend--Prisoners by Franz Molnar. I've put off reading this book for a while because it's written in a way that isn't too easy to read through [despite being such a small book..] This isn't even the second time I've attempted it from the start, I almost have the first 50 or so pages memorized by now.
This time, I'm determined to know the whole story.

On the knitting front, I've started a new pair of socks! You might remember when I stashed this yarn for this project. It's been on my mind for a while to make socks from this yarn, but it wasn't until I saw Susan's post of her handmade sock drawer that I went..what the hell, and just casted on. Toe-up socks, too! The idea was to have each skein become a separate sock, so the cuff is going to be as long as there is yarn left after the heel's turned. It's a really satisfying thing to see through.

I think i'm falling in love with socks and sock yarn. I've only completed one pair so far, and only really made one purchase of ~officially~ labelled sock yarn but can feel the pull already. It's so hard to explain but it's mesmerizing how unique and pretty this yarn looks both in skein and in FO form. I must knit all the things! AUAGHHH SOCKS

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yarn-along iii

Got myself a hand-me-down Android last week, so I threw a bunch of pdfs on it and went right to reading! The first book I'm getting through is Leo Babauta's Focus, which has been a pretty interesting read so far. The pink Endpaper Mitts were finally finished, so I quickly got to knitting the second pair, a beautiful silk/mohair blend with a sparkly polyester cuff/accent color. Again, the colors wouldn't have found themselves if I had to pick them out, so it'll be neat to see how these turn out.
Just a few more commission projects more and I'll treat myself to a personal project from the stash [finally!]. Well. After I finish my coursework that is.

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yarn-along ii

Not much has changed on the reading front but I have been finishing quite a bit for Bapsicrafts. I've been fortunate enough to receive a custom order from a customer who wanted a wip for the Endpaper Mitts finished. She provided her own beautiful yarn--the lighter pink a silk blend, and the stronger pink, a soft merino. This is easily the smaller gauge I've ever knit, which caused a few hand-cramps every now and then but the gorgeous colorwork makes for great encouragement to finish. As you might be able to see the second glove is nearly finished--soon I'll cast on the second pair in a gorgeous chocolate brown and silver for the same customer. :]
I was intimidated by Eunny Jang's pattern at first, but it's been very easy to follow, and little parts of the gloves [like the seam stitches and symmetrical repeat] have me admiring and learning from her as a knit designer. I've got my eye on her cabled socks as a nice gift project in the future.
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yarn-along i

Just thought it would be a neat way to keep to reading and personal knits by participating in gsheller's yarn-along every other wednesday!
The Barnes and Noble store nearest my house had a closing-out sale, so I went in for a look and nabbed a copy of Neil Gaiman's Coraline for a good price! This made for a charming read, I'll allow myself to watch the animated movie by Laika finally.
Hagakure was a gift from Jason, and is turning out to be a more long-term read for me. The book is short but full of little passages that can really cause you to think. Every few pages I find a new one that resonates well with me, like this one:
The proper manner of calligraphy is nothing other then not being careless, but in this way one's writing will simply be sluggish and stiff. One should go beyond this and depart from the norm. This principle applies to all things.
I'm hardly a quarter through this book, and it's already been an insightful and interesting read.

As for the knitting work in progress, that's one half of the Trigger Gloves I'm knitting for Jason. I've got both gloves mostly finished, too--it's just the thumbs that need to be worked in, and the ends to be weaved in and these will be ready-to-wear. I'll finish them by the end of this week. Promise.
For those curious, these gloves are being worked with Paton's Classic Wool in the colorway named Mercury. Something in me thought it was a good idea to use a pure wool for these gloves to keep those weaved in ends from unraveling and sticking out. And considering how he'll wear them wherever he goes once given a chance, a wool might full well or toughen up over time [or at least be slightly simpler to repair]. Am I right in assuming these things about wool over something synthetic or is this based on misconception? Not sure but I suppose I could look it up on rav.

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